Parle Pantry is a small independent coffee shop located in Chiswick, London, run by two sisters, Ruken and Dee. Our ever-growing passion for tea instigated the opening of our cafe in 2018 with the initial aim of wanting to provide others with different flavoursome teas from around the globe and give them a little taste of culture straight from London!

As we developed our ideas we chose to also incorporate a selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free foods in our fresh, mouth watering menu. Universally, as many individuals are transitioning into the plant based lifestyle to help sustain our planet and bodies, we wanted to show through our plant based salads, soups and pastries, that are updated daily, that it is possible to create delicious meals everyday, which can be both healthy and exciting to your diet without needing the contribution of meat.

We make the effort to collate our products from small, local manufacturers and make sure that all of our packaging is sustainable and compostable. We do also advocate customers bringing in their own containers from home if they wish to do so!

Customers are now able to purchase all the organic pulses, herbs, dried fruits, vegetables and more from our store or online so you can recreate these incredible flavours from the comfort of your own home. Any tips, tricks or recipes customers may be interested in are more than welcome to contact us – we are always happy to help.